Our boy Hank is a brindle Victorian bulldog. He is about 11 years old now AND 100lbs! His fur is coarse and his breed is prone to having skin issues and sensitivities and it took us a while to figure out what worked well with him. Hank has oily skin, which seems to make him stinky even though we bath him regularly. I started using Barkus Odor Neutralizer on him right after a good bath. I made a schedule and thought I would give him a spray every other day and see how it goes. I found I only needed to spray him once a week. I'd massage it into his fur really nicely and he would smell great! I was using the scented spray (Flower). If there was a week I found him a little extra smelly, I would just spray him down again. Looking over my schedule, which I marked every use, I pretty much only needed to spray him once every 7 days. After 2 months of use I gave Hank another bath. I loved the product and it really helped manage his natural odor between baths! Which were further apart thanks to Barkus! I would totally recommend this product for anyone with a stinky dog or anyone that just likes a nice smelling dog!